Our Process

Our Process

1. Initial Consultation

The initial design-build consultation is a perfect time to share your thoughts and vision for your new custom home. During this meeting, we will take the time to gain a further understanding of what you are hoping to obtain in your new home and discuss how we can provide that with our design-build process. This is a great time for you to get to know us and how we will work to make your homebuilding experience as stress free as possible.

2. Design Concept

In this initial phase of design, we will begin to discuss the home site, floor plan, and features. This is a great time to bring in any floor plans or design features that you would like to see incorporated into your build. Open communication is key to the success of any build, and the more information you can provide us with, the better we can customize the home to your wants and needs. We work with you throughout the design phase with a local design firm who will create video walkthroughs and renderings of your future home in addition to the construction documents.

3. Finalize Design

While we work on plan design, we will also pair you with your own personal interior designer. The entire design process takes place under one roof as we partner with Gotcha Covered. From your window clad to your kitchen backsplash, all selections will be made in one building with the assistance of the same designer. We believe that this not only makes for a more streamlined and enjoyable experience for you, but also results as a better finished product as your designer will be in tune with your personal style, ensuring the house is a true reflection of you.

4. Construction Begins

Now it’s time to see your vision come to life! The plans have been permitted, and its time to turn a piece of dirt into your dream home. During the design phase every item in your home was meticulously documented, and our skilled trades will begin to put the process to work.

During the construction phase you will be given access to your home during the entire build. While we will have scheduled site visits to go over particular items you, we are on site daily monitoring the progress of your build. It is our job to make sure that your home is progressing as planned and are here to answer any questions that may arise throughout the build.

5. Construction Completion

The long awaited day has arrived. All of the work and attention to detail has paid off, and it is time to move into your new home. As part of our closing process, we provide you with a new home orientation. During that time we will walk through your house with you and go over the features and maintenance with you to make you comfortable in your new home.

6. Follow Up

Just because you have closed on your new home does not mean that our job is done. We provide every home we build with a one year warranty, and stay in contact long after the keys have been turned over. Providing you with a home that you can be proud of is our number one goal, and we strive to give you the home of your dreams with quality that stands the test of time.

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